Are you fighting a lot?

Are you avoiding each other?

Do you come back to the same issues, over and over, without resolution?

Couples Counsellng

If so, you may need objective professional help. Couples Counselling can save your relationship from the downward spiral of destructive conflict, isolation and separation.

There may be various reasons why your relationship feels stuck or has lost its initial spark and fulfillment.  Sometimes for example couples may be repeating negative unhealthy relationship habits, they may lack intimacy and communication skills, or are remaining impacted by challenging past experiences.

As your couple counsellor I can help you to:

My approach

In our first few sessions, I will teach you skills that you can apply right away to improve your relationship. Once your relationship has improved, we will explore and resolve the deeper issues to ensure that the problems you are facing don’t resurface in the future. Finally, we will focus on what would make your relationship a thriving, fulfilling one.

Through my multi-model approach I have helped many couples find or reclaim a healthy and fulfilling relationship. In order to design a customized approach for you, I combine different modalities, such as PAIRS (Practical Application Of Intimacy Skills), Imago Couple Therapy (IRT) as well as work from an attachment base approach.

Practical Application of Interpersonal Relationships Skills (PAIRS)

PAIRS is a psycho-educational approach to working with couples.  Created by Lori Gordon, PAIRS integrates intra-psychic, systemic and educational frameworks. It is designed to enhance communication among couples.

Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT)

Imago was developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD, and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD. Imago teaches a way of communicating with your partner about what really matters in your intimate relationships — what you need to feel loved, cared for, connected, and safe.

Attachment Base Approach

Recent research points to the fact that we tend to duplicate in our adult intimate relationships the attachment style we have developed with our early caregivers.  Different attachment styles for example can result in power struggles that create gridlock between partners.

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